Tuesday, July 16, 2013

V I N T A G E   F A S H I O N

Here's another fashion story that I did for the summer issue of Bride. A lot of my work ends up being a modern take on vintage inspired design - for this one we got to go all out and showcase bridal looks from the 20's, all the way up to a modern look. So much fun! The 60's is by far my favorite look. Oh, and the 90's - I was a little nervous about what kind of gowns/accessories could be pulled for that, and Rebecca nailed that 90's Calvin Klein look!

Photographs by Joe Vaughn / Styling by Rebecca Voigt / Prop styling by Stephanie Potts


  1. This is beautiful. Would you mind sharing what fonts you used? So lovely...

    1. thanks mcourie! Sure, no problem - I used aphrodite for the script, and bodoni egyptian pro for the slab.