Thursday, October 20, 2011

R E C E N T   W O R K

For this story on Bloomfield Park, which is a business park that was abandoned mid construction, I somehow ended up getting to ride in a helicopter with a guy named Randy to get aerial shots. I assigned Justin Maconochie to photograph the story and he ended up getting kicked out of the property for trespassing. We decided to go with hipstamatic shots for the story (which I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity for). That way, Justin was able to get in and out of the site quickly, and still get some fantastic shots, without having to do any set up.

The helicopter was only available to us for one day, so I ended up having getting to ride in it to shoot the aerials. A pretty fun day of work, if you ask me. It only got scary once I realized that to get the best shots the helicopter door would have to be taken off. Yikes. Here’s some of the shots I got:

And here’s the final layout:

Photographs and retouching by Justin Maconochie / Aerials by me