Monday, April 22, 2013

H A P P Y   E A R T H   D A Y

Here's my latest OnStar project, which I styled for earth day. I found a fantastic light up vintage globe and took it apart and painted it. I was inspired by Wendy Gold, who paints lovely typography (and images!) onto globes. This is my favorite piece of hers (I'm a sucker for elegant scripts).

Photograph by Joe Vaughn / Prop styling by me

I printed out the logo, and used chalk to transfer the logo onto the globe (which was a bit tricky, being that the globe is obviously not flat):

You can see the rest of the steps here:

Monday, April 8, 2013

G I A N T   T O U R   E M B R O I D E R I E S

My new Cleveland friends the NOMADS commissioned me to make a couple of giant embroideries to showcase on their upcoming tour. They asked for the two pieces to be in muted colors that matched each other. Check out some of their lovely music here! I had so much fun working on this project:

You can find the second one here: