Monday, April 22, 2013

H A P P Y   E A R T H   D A Y

Here's my latest OnStar project, which I styled for earth day. I found a fantastic light up vintage globe and took it apart and painted it. I was inspired by Wendy Gold, who paints lovely typography (and images!) onto globes. This is my favorite piece of hers (I'm a sucker for elegant scripts).

Photograph by Joe Vaughn / Prop styling by me

I printed out the logo, and used chalk to transfer the logo onto the globe (which was a bit tricky, being that the globe is obviously not flat):

You can see the rest of the steps here:

Once all the lines were transferred, I started painting the logo with acrylic paint:

And here's a shot from set, showing all the strings/photo stands that went into hanging the props:

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