Friday, January 4, 2013

N E W   W O R K

My fashion idea for this issue of Bride was to use graphic gowns and dresses, along with bold black + white paper backdrops. I originally saw this Oscar de la Renta striped dress and wanted to use it for cover, but we were unable to borrow the dress for the shoot. It ended working out for the best in the end, because I worked with Patty Weir (through Haberman fabrics in Royal Oak) to have this custom striped bridal gown made for the shoot. Patty's dress came out better than I could have imagined, and ended up looking more bridal than the inspiration dress:

My favorite part of the shoot was hanging out with Darla, the Great Dane:

You can see the rest of the layout here

Photographs by Roy Ritchie // Styling by Stephanie Potts // Paper backdrops by Belles Reveries

I also worked on a registry story:

Photographs by Justin Maconochie // Styling by Taryn Bickley

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