Sunday, December 16, 2012

N E W   W O R K

I’m a bit behind on updating my new work lately, I have a couple of stories from the last two issues of Home. Our Winter issue’s cover story was all about graphic home furnishings:

My favorite pieces we featured were the vintage blocks of type:

Photographs by Joe Vaughn // Styling by Stephanie Potts

See more here.

My friend Martin started photographing his neighborhood during the different seasons… I saw the winter shots, and fell in love with the dreaminess of the photos. I asked Martin to shoot Woodbridge in the summer, to finish the last of the seasons, so we could run a photo essay of the neighborhood:

Photographs by Martin Vecchio

See more of the layout here.

For the Fall cover, we featured a lovely Sylvan Lake home, which belongs to the owners of Fleur Detroit:

Their house was surrounded by so much greenery, it almost felt like you were walking into a rainforest. They also had the cutest Weimaraners, who happened to be best friends… they didn’t want to be separated while we were photographing them.

Photographs by Joe Vaughn

See more of the layout here.

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